Moscow Erotic Massage Retreat

Masseuse Anni provides professional:

Erotic | Body-to-body | Happy Ending Massage | Nude Bodyrub | Aroma Massage

Hello! My name is Anni.

Offering exquisite sensual massage for the discerning gentleman...

Perhaps you have taken this route before- in search of a unique respite - something new and different - something or someone that shakes up your senses without the complications that traditional relationships and situations provide...Let you relax on a journey of the erotic, relaxing body- to- body massage...

Your energy shifts from its frenetic state to a flow more aligned with the shifting of tides... lo and behold, your busy brain actually chills for a minute and you stop thinking about work for a few, truly lovely moments.

You leave a new man... enchanted. :)

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Masseuse in Moscow
Erotic body -to-body massage provider
Invite massage service at hotel by calling masseuse girl Anni
Bodyrub nude tantric massage service
Girls offers professional massage in Moscow
Girls offer massage retreat in Moscow
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  • Classic massage

  • Relaxing massage

  • Massage with oil

  • Body to body

  • Tantric massage

  • Happy Ending Massage

  • Body Slide Massage (Bodyslide)

  • Bodyrub Massage

  • Stimulating Massage

  • Stimulating Massage

  • Sexy Massage

  • Nude Massage

  • Feet massage


  • Restaurant companion

  • Sightseeing companion

  • Bar companion


Outcall in the city center inside the third ring.

1 hour 100$ - Rubles, euro, usd

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+taxi price.


advance booking is highly recommended

for appointment call or send a message on the phone





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Locations Stations:

  • Tverskaya

  • Ohotnyi Ryad

  • Pushkinskaya

  • Kuznezkiy Most

  • Novoslobodskaya

  • Mendelleevskaya

  • Polyanka

  • Moscow airport

  • Chistie Prudy

  • Suharevkaya

  • Prospect Mira

  • Dobrininskaya

  • Airport Sheremetyevo,Airport Domodedovo

  • Trubnaya

  • Krasnopresnenskaya

  • Borovitskaya

  • Teatralnaya

  • Oktyabrskaya

  • Arbatskaya

  • Smolenskaya

  • Kurskaya

  • Kitay Gorod

  • Turgenevskaya

  • Mayakovskaya

  • Biblioteka imeni Lenina

  • Kievskaya

  • Vystovochnaya

  • Mezdunarodnaya

  • Uliza1905